Parish Nurse

Oak Harbor Lutheran Church is blessed by the ministry of two parish nurses, each with their own unique focus: Susan Burrow and Jan McCullough

Susan Burrow’s 40-year career as a nurse was done mostly inservice with the Navy. A graduate in the School of Nursing at St Luke’s Methodist in Iowa, she has served all over the United States in various capacities from medical surgical nurse to obstetrics, pediatrics, pre- and post-natal care, as well as working with new mothers.She will be available for blood pressure clinics and will manage the files of parish members with special medical needs. She will keep track of the wheelchairs, walkers and canes available to parish members as well as take account of all the medical (first aid) supplies and defibrillator here at the church. She is in the office on Thursday afternoons.

Jan McCullough is working with the church to present learning opportunities in health and wellness areas through the year. She will coordinate presentations and speaker schedules on a number of subjects, including Caregiver Support, Dealing with Dementia, Genetic Screening, Healthy Backs, and Physical Therapy. Jan graduated from St. Andrew’s School of Nursing in Bottineau, North Dakota. She began her career in Labor and Delivery there, moved to Huntington Memorial for 20 years, and in 1983 moved to Issaquah to work for Group Health in Redmond. Jan finished off her 40-year career attending mother and child needs at NAS Whidbey Hospital, retiring in 2000, and she has volunteered in her retirement as a Hospice caregiver, since then.

In addition to the Parish Nurse program we are connecting with Red Cross to offer CPR and First Aid training for members of the church as well as learning opportunities on a number of subjects such as disaster preparedness and coordination of resources on the island during a catastrophe. Mike Dilley, an experienced Red Cross coordinator, will be scheduling these events in 2018 and we encouragethe church community to come to these events to learn more about what we as a church can do to serve our island during an natural disaster. Stay tuned for regular announcements about these programs.