NAS Whidbey Island OutreachNASwhidbey

As a congregation located in a Navy community, we are attuned to the particular needs and challenges of military families.  We regularly send care packages to deployed service members, and provide pastoral care to families enduring long deployments. There are many fellowship opportunities for Navy families. We have many retired Navy people in our congregation who can provide an encouraging word and an understanding ear.  We regularly host unit gatherings in our facilities.  Pastor Spencer has participated in on-base educational opportunities with naval chaplains, and has been involved in ceremonies for retiring service people.  We cherish our Navy families, and when new orders come, we send them off in style with a special sending ceremony and our ongoing prayers.

If you are coming to NAS Whidbey, at Oak Harbor Lutheran Church you will find a supportive church family, much appreciation for your military service, and a home away from home.