Our Bible study for the week of February 24th is on Romans. Below is a link to the video (note there are two videos for this book!), along with the Bible passages we read with the discussion questions. If you want to add your comments and perhaps start on online conversation about these texts, visit our Facebook page and find the post for this Bible study.

CLICK HERE to view the Bible study video.



READ 1:1-17          What does Paul say about faith in this passage?

READ 3:9-20          What is Paul’s assessment of the human condition? Upon what does he base this assessment?

READ 3:21-26         How does Paul describe God’s righteousness?


READ 6:1-14          How does Paul respond to those who believe grace is an invitation to sin?                   

READ 8:1-11          What does it mean to walk “according to the Spirit?”

READ 12:1-2          What might it meant to “present our bodies as a living sacrifice?”

READ 13:1-7          What is to be the Christian’s relationship to the government?

 READ 13:8-14         What is the relationship between love and commandments?

 READ 14:13-19       How does Paul recommend resolving cultural differences?

 READ 16:17-20       What threats to the church does Paul warn about?