Our Bible study for the week of December 16th is on the book of Proverbs. Below is a link to the video, along with the Bible passages we read with the discussion questions. If you want to add your comments and perhaps start on online conversation about these texts, visit our Facebook page and find the post for this Bible study.

CLICK HERE to view the Bible study video.


READ 1:1-7                       According to these opening verses, what is the purpose of this book? What do you think it means that “the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom?”

READ 1:8-19                     How is heeding this parental instruction related to verse 7? What behaviors are being discouraged? Why is it dangerous to associate with those who do wrong?

READ 1:20-33                   What warnings are offered by “Wisdom”? What promises? How are these warnings and promises evident in daily life? How are they not?

REVIEW CH. 10-29           Which proverbs jump out at you? Why?

READ 30:1-6                    What warning is Agur giving the reader here?

READ CH. 31                    What do you appreciate about this motherly wisdom? How does the image of the “excellent wife” serve as a personification of “Lady Wisdom” at the beginning of the book?