Our Bible study for the week of March 3rd is on 1 Corinthians. Below is a link to the video (note there are two videos for this book!), along with the Bible passages we read with the discussion questions. If you want to add your comments and perhaps start on online conversation about these texts, visit our Facebook page and find the post for this Bible study.

CLICK HERE to view the Bible study video.


READ 1:10-17         What is going on in the church in Corinth? Why is Paul concerned?

READ 2:1-5            How does Paul describe the preacher’s primary task?

READ 3:11             What is the difference between respecting a Christian leader and what Paul describes here?

READ 5:1-13          Why is the permissiveness of the Corinthian congregation a problem?                            

READ 6:12-20         What are Paul’s arguments against sexual immorality?

READ 7:1-5            What does Paul say about the role of sex in marriage? How is this different from what some in the Corinthian congregation were saying?

READ 8:1-13          What is Paul’s primary concern about eating meat sacrificed to idols?

READ 11:17-29       How are the Corinthian Christians eating and drinking “unworthily?” What does it mean to “discern the body?”

READ 12:12-20       What is Paul’s vision of “membership” in the church?



READ 15:12-22       Why is the resurrection so fundamental to Christianity?