Our Bible study for the week of April 28 is on First Peter. Below is a link to the video, along with the Bible passages we read with the discussion questions. If you want to add your comments and perhaps start on online conversation about these texts, visit our Facebook page and find the post for this Bible study.

CLICK HERE to view the Bible study video.


READ 1:1-9            Why does Peter refer to these Christians as both “God’s elect” and “strangers” or “exiles”? When have you felt like a stranger because of your faith? What perspective to Peter give to suffering?

READ 2:1-12          What process is God undertaking in the lives of believers? By what various names does Peter call Christians in this passage? How does this new status influence the way we live?

READ 3:1-7            How is faith to be lived out in the context of marriage?

READ 3:8-22          What is the model for evangelism Peter gives in this section? What do you think Peter means when he describes Jesus preaching to the “spirits in prison”? What does Peter have to say about baptism here?

READ 4:1-11          How does Peter describe the new life Christians live? How might this put the at odds with pagan friends or family?

READ 5:1-14          How are Christians encouraged to deal with difficulties and temptations?