Our Bible study for the week of March 17h is on Ephesians. Below is a link to the video, along with the Bible passages we read with the discussion questions. If you want to add your comments and perhaps start on online conversation about these texts, visit our Facebook page and find the post for this Bible study.

CLICK HERE to view the Bible study video.


READ 1:3-14          From this passage, what are the spiritual blessings in Christ?

                               Which of these blessings is most meaningful to you?

READ 2:1-10          What is the relationship between God’s grace and good works?

READ 2:11-22         How has Christ destroyed hostility and made peace possible for all people?

 READ 4:1-6            What does it mean to “walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called” personally? Corporately? Why is this so important?

 READ 4:17-32         What does it mean to “put off the old self” and “put on the new self?” (vs. 22-24)

 READ 5:15-33         How is Christian marriage a reflection of the relationship between Christ and the church?                            

READ 6:10-20         In what ways does the armor of God enable us to stand against evil?