Join us at the OHHS Auditorium as OHLC sponsors this evening of hope, praise, lively singing and dance! A free will offering will be collected.

The Watoto Children’s Choir from Uganda has visited Oak Harbor many times. Each time there are different children so that many of the orphans have a chance to see some of the world. Watoto means Children. The organization provides the orphans with family, education and health care, all in a Christian environment.
Watoto is a very large church based in Kampala, and Gulu in northern Uganda. Their goal is to Rescue the children, Raise them in a Christian environment, and Rebuild their nation with these children becoming its
future leaders.

Watoto villages have medical clinics and schools, and houses where each child lives as a family with a surrogate mom and up to 7 other children. There are sheltered workshops with daycare (Living Hope) for single moms, where they are able to make craft items to sell and make a living to provide for their children. There is also a Baby Watoto where care is provided for very young children. Opportunities for older children who have finished basic schooling include a trade school, a farm, and the possibility of study at a university.

A Watoto choir first visited OHLC in 2007 and stirred up a desire to help these children. Since then, OHLC’s Watoto Mission Team has visited often, building a house for nurses and a medical clinic, and supporting a medical student there. We’re thankful for the wonderful and generous support of our congregation and community! The next mission trip there will be January 2020. Talk to Skip Lycksell if you’re interested in participating.

Host families needed for September 20! We need your help in hosting the choir. They arrive on the afternoon of Friday, Sept. 20. The Watoto Mission Team and other volunteers will provide dinner in the fellowship hall for the choir, the adults traveling with them, and their host families.

After the concert on Friday evening, host families will provide a healthy snack (they have no allergies and will eat anything), then take them home for the night. (Don’t have enough beds? They’ll sleep on the floor or make use of couches.) Hosts need to give them breakfast in the morning and a sack lunch to take along, and then return them to the church.

Groups to host consist of an adult and 1 to 3 children (boys or girls). We’ll need 7 to 8 homes to accommodate them all. It’s a fun thing to do, so please consider hosting a group or two! To reserve your group(s) or if you have questions, contact Skip or Judy Lycksell, 360-679-2010,

Future Watoto Ministry events will include our annual Octoberfest German dinner & auction, on Friday, October 11. Save the date, and watch for more information.

Thanks for caring and sharing,
The Watoto Mission Team