Ministry Teams

The ministry of our congregation is organized through six different ministry teams.  These teams are headed by coaches, who oversee team members who come and go according to specific tasks and interests.

The Welcome team (Coach: Mary Brock) attends to the welcome and nurture of newcomers.  Areas of responsibility for this team include receptions for new members, management of the Welcome Table in the narthex, visitor follow-up, and congregational communications.

The Worship and Music team (Coach: Craig Pedlar) guides the worship life of our congregation.

The Growing and Learning team (Coach: Pastor Spencer) facilitates all our education-related ministries, including Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Luth Youth, Adult Education, and Munchy Monday (our high school after-school program).

The Table Fellowship team (Coach: Anita Needler) focuses on food and fellowship.  This team is responsible for organizing after-worship refreshments, fellowship meals (such as soup suppers during Advent and Lent), receptions for funerals, and management of the kitchen.

The Compassion team (Coach: Glen Cornelius) works to provide care for others through a wide variety of charitable efforts in the congregation, the community, and throughout the world.  This team organizes our “Ministry of the Month” program, in which various ministries are lifted up through informational and educational opportunities and supported through fundraising.  This team also manages our Fair Trade coffee and chocolate sales.

The Care-Giving team (Coach: Pastor Stroud) tends to those in need through our Eucharistic ministry and our Stephen Ministry programs.

The Operations team (Coach: Mark Needler) manages the upkeep and development of our property and facilities.

If you are interested in serving in any of these areas of our congregational ministry, our coaches are here to equip and support you!  Contact the church office to be put in touch with them today!